Demystifying Modern VDI with Microsoft: Webinar Q&A 

We get a lot of questions around the different VDI options available from Microsoft

We even ran an entire webinar series on the topic!

So I asked Microsoft Cloud Endpoint Specialist, Tony Cocks, to join me for an open Q&A.  

(Luckily he said yes!) 


We answered questions around Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, plus explained some of the key differences in use case and licensing. 


We covered: 

  • Quick overview of Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Use cases, and how they align
  • How organisations are using these solutions in the real world
  • Tech and licensing considerations
  • New remote working developments coming from Microsoft
  • Open Q&A


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Tony Cocks

Tony Cocks

Tony has been in the IT industry for 25 years as a Trainer, Developer, Speaker, Channel Manager and Pre-sales Solution Architect.


Tony is now Cloud Endpoint Technical Specialist at Microsoft, making him an expert on all things Windows 365 & Azure Virtual Desktop.

Ricky Patel

Ricky Patel

Pre-sales Lead

Ricky Patel is the Pre-Sales Lead at PowerON, working with clients on short and long term goals to achieve and align with both clients business and technical strategies 

Ricky has over 10 years of experience working in IT has been with PowerON since 2019. He has experience in deploying ConfigMgr, Intune Configuration, AoVPN, PKI and Cloud PC for a range of clients.

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