Managing your Windows Journey in 2022

So, you’ve mapped out your Windows journey for 2022 – but how are you going to make it a reality?


Previously, if you looked after your “SCCM” environment, it looked after you.


Now however, with all the recent changes in endpoint management, the toolset to manage your Windows journey has gotten pretty interesting – we have Endpoint Manager, Intune, Autopilot, Analytics, AAD and Defender for Endpoint….


The question now is, how do you combine the latest solutions and toolsets to create the right approach for your business and users?


In this session I’ll help you understand which tools align with your specific business needs and chosen Windows path for 2022. 


I cover:


The Business and User Needs

  • Recommended approaches that best support your Windows solutions
  • How solutions like AVD and Windows 365 fit within the management story


The Tech

  • Looking at decoupling your devices from reliance on on-premises Active Directory
  • Hidden gems within Endpoint Manager


Whether it’s AVD, Windows 365 or Windows 11, this next webinar will help you make your plans a reality.


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