Conditional Access

The growth in cloud computing, remote working and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has meant many organisations have found it increasingly difficult to control access to corporate information.


Traditional firewalls are no longer fit for purpose; conditional access utilises Active Directory and Intune to determine the trustworthiness of devices and their compliance.

Conditional access policies allow you to apply the right access controls when needed to keep your organisation secure.  

Key features

Block risky login attempts

Control access to information

Excellent end-user experience

Expert advice and knowledge

What's involved?

Conditional access is a set of policies and configurations that control which devices have access to certain corporate services and data.  


Common signals conditional access takes into consideration: 

  • User or group membership – specific users and groups giving administrators fine-grained control over access.
  • IP location information – trusted IP address ranges, including countries, that can be used. 
  • Devices on specific platforms or marked with a specific state.
  • User attempts to access specific applications  
  • Real-time and calculated risk detection.

Conditional access is the tool used by Azure Active Directory to bring user authentication information together (based on access location, device, network and application type) to make decisions, and enforce organisational policies.


PowerON delivers conditional access at the heart of the new identity-driven control plane, a key part in our identity management and security: 

Establish identity, manage and control

Establish user identity security rather than access location

Identify risky behaviour

Never trust and always verify

What are the benefits?

The peace of mind status is something that organisations are often chasing – conditional access can be a huge step towards achieving this.


There are benefits for both IT departments and the users themselves, especially when delivering conditional access solutions alongside the likes of single sign-on and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) tools. 


Combining these solutions means you can deliver a simple or ‘normal’ user login or authentication experience, which is backed by policies that ensure users are only ever accessing the right information, across approved devices, locationsnetworks and applications, for greater peace of mind. 


Empower your users anywhere and protect your assets at all times 

Multi-factor authentication for users with administrative roles

Multi-factor authentication for Azure management tasks

Block sign-ins for users attempting to use legacy authentication protocals

Trusted locations for Azure multi-factor authentication registration

Block risky sign-in behaviours

Block or grant access from specific locations

Why PowerON?

Users have become a new single point of focus for IT management and security. Beyond the core desktop, device and data controls PowerON apply, we must turn our focus to the modern IT user. 


When working on any device, in any location and across an ever-growing range of applications and data points, tools like conditional access deliver dynamic and enterprise grade solutions to tackle these moving risks and threats to our organisations.  

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