Modern VDI

Traditional methods for providing a VDI capability within an organisation required a monolithic approach of building and maintaining maximum capacity infrastructure – but thanks to recent innovations that’s no longer the case.


Any organisation can leverage the power of cloud computing to modernise and simplify their environment, reducing existing costs, improving user experience and removing aging estate for a flexible, future proof VDI.


How can we help?

We work with your teams to help you design and deploy a solution that leaves your organisation with:

  • Secure, scalable cloud-hosted VDI
  • Deliver density and customisation to reduce costs and improve control (AVD) or provide simple personal desktops (Windows 365)
  • Data doesn’t leave your control
  • Access controls to ensure secure access
  • Using current licensing investments

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Windows 365

Azure Virtual Desktop


Why PowerON?

We're a Microsoft Gold and EM+S Elite partner with extensive experience in desktop, device and management tools, and services, across the Microsoft Suites. As devices, applications and working styles adapt, the modern workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, fast moving and flexible.

As such, we focus heavily on supporting our customers with a strong management and security posture across the user and identity space. Allowing us to bridge the gap of desktops, devices and applications with users controls and security.

Fully funded Windows 365 pilot

We’ve teamed up with Microsoft to deliver a fully funded Windows 365 proof of concept and solution pilot – all free of charge.

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