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Discover how Chroma Technology simplified VPN deployment and improve the security of remote access to their network.

What was the problem?

“As Covid began to wind down for us, it became clear that we were going to need to modernize and improve our VPN solution for our users. Our executive team formalized a remote work standard by outlining policies, procedures and equipment that would be provided.

At the start of the pandemic, we issued the equipment we had on hand which was a mix of old laptops and desktops. These were to be used in conjunction with our Remote Desktop Gateway service which we figured would be the least impactful to our overall bandwidth. The problem we had was that we couldn’t reach the loaned-out computers to make sure they were happy and healthy.

During the remote work formalization, we decided that we would need to make sure that issued equipment could be reachable at all times, and so I began investigating Microsoft’s Always-On VPN solution.”

"The DPC is going to simplify the VPN deployment and improve the security of remote access to our network."

Dillon Gauthier, Chroma Technology

Simplifying AOVPN Maintenance

“I was able to get it working, but it became clear that we would need to be able to modify people’s profiles as needed, mostly due to the exclusion routes we were trying to keep updated. It also became clear that the learning curve for other admins at Chroma would also be a hurdle.”

“I had closely followed Richard Hicks’ Always On VPN blog and guides during all of this, and I just so happened to see a tweet of his about PowerON’s DPC. I did some investigating, and made contact, and here we are.”

Improving Remote Access Security

“I was very happy to see a few things with the DPC. Some, but not limited to, proper logging to the Event Log, integration with Group Policy, clear GPO templates, a service that is minimal, and doesn’t require a home base to talk to, among others. I think most importantly was the response I was getting from Leo about making changes to the product to suit our specific requirements.”

“The DPC is going to simplify the VPN deployment and improve the security of remote access to our network. It alleviates some of the pain points our users reported over the last two years, namely having to bring their devices in for maintenance. Overall, I’m very happy with PowerON and the product, and so are my users.”

"Overall, I'm very happy with PowerON and the product, and so are my users."

Dillon Gauthier, Chroma Technology

What is AOVPN DPC?

Dynamic Profile Creator (DPC) service is a Windows service which runs on each client device. It receives configuration via group policy (or other tools which support registry configuration) and generates the profile automatically on the device. This enables easy administrative management, dynamic Active Directory based group management, automatic updating to Office 365 routes and more.

AOVPN DPC is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Consistent profiles
  • Always up to date
  • Profiles Updated on Disconnect (ensuring minimal user interruption)
  • Office 365 Exclusions are updated automatically and without admin interaction
  • Graphical Management Experience
  • No XML creation required
  • Manage through Intune or Group Policy
  • Full help documentation of options
  • Supports all common configuration options (Including Custom Cryptography)
  • Easy deployment
  • Simple EXE or MSI deployment
  • No scripting required for deployment
  • Profile changes are handled automatically without redeployment of client
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Head of Identity and Access

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