Create a scalable virtual desktop solution with Azure Virtual Desktop

Bring a flexible VDI solution into your environment that utilises the power of Microsoft Azure.


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Running into issues with your VDI solution?

Setup and maintenance of your virtual desktops can cause huge problems for IT teams which leads to many businesses not harnessing the power of VDI.

Trouble scaling VDI for multiple users?

When adding new users many VDI solutions require a new virtual desktop to be created, the more users you have the more hassle you will have managing the environment.

Users becoming frustrated?

Some virtual desktops don’t give users a seamless experience due to unfamiliar interfaces.

Wasting money on virtual desktops when they aren’t in use?

If your team doesn’t require the use of virtual desktops 24/7 why should you have to pay for it? If you only need it for specific scenarios, you could be overspending.

Scale your virtual desktop without the headache

With AVD you can easily add users with just a few clicks. You can also have multiple users sharing resources on one compute block rather than having to setup a new instance for each user.


AVD uses a consumption-based license, you only pay for what you use.

A seamless experience for users

AVD can be used to host applications on the cloud that can be accessed on a user’s desktop without them having to log into a virtual machine.


This means they can access cloud hosted apps just like any other application on their device, leading to less confusion. Best of all there will be no need to spend hours training people how to access their apps.


Apps can be accessed from any device, not just machines using Windows.

Give users more power, without buying new devices

Tired of hearing people complain about having a slow laptop that doesn’t have the power they need?


With AVD you can harness the power of Microsoft Azure and let the cloud do the heavy lifting.


You can now give users the power they need for resource heavy tasks without spending lots of money on powerful machines. Your team also won’t have to spend time setting up and shipping out a new device.


With the cloud doing all the work you can extend the lifespan of your devices, making your IT estate more sustainable.

Useable on any device

If you have users who work remotely there’s no need to buy and ship them out a device. With AVD you can give users access to corporate data and applications on a virtual desktop that can be accessed on their personal devices, whether that be Android, IOS or Windows.


This also works for third party contractors or if an employee’s device breaks as you can grant and revoke access easily when needed.

Still wondering if AVD is right for you?

With all the choices for a VDI solution it may seem like an impossible decision to pick the right one(s), that’s where we come in.


PowerON’s expert team will guide you based on your organisation’s specific needs.


If you would like to see how AVD would fit into your estate, we offer a proof of concept so you can see all it has to offer.

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