Application Management

Applications, both in-house and third party, empower your users and organisations to gain greater insights, access and control over key information and functions across your business. With this in mind, the application is the focal point for most end user’s day to day experience and interaction with IT, making it a critical point of focus across your organisation.

Key features

Easy outbound management

No hardware needed

Seamless user experience

Flexible connection options

What's involved?

As a critical component of IT, the application management strategy presents several challenges which all need to be monitored and maintained:


Application Rationalization – apps are readily available from both reputable and non-approved sources, including app stores, web-based, in-house pre-approved catalogues and wider user shadow IT. Ensuring you can monitor, approve and block applications will instantly increase the security and control across your application landscape.


Application Readiness – the evolving platforms and operating systems that host our applications are constantly being updated, meaning these ‘approved and managed’ applications can quickly fail to work on newer host technologies.


Application Distribution & Access – once your application estate is controlled and modernised, your users need the most effective method of access – based on their device, role and permissions. For simpler organisation-wide applications like email, this is less challenging, but multiply this by dozens of applications, thousands of users, various group policies, diverse device types and conditional access controls – the delivery and access of applications becomes a larger IT consideration.


With various considerations across the application estate, there are varied tools and approaches to support you in tackling them across different scenarios:

  • Remote access solution for on-premise resources with restricted access controls – Azure AD Application Proxy.
  • Deliver and secure apps on mobile (corp-owned and BYOD) – Intune MAM (Mobile Application Management)

Often a blend of tools and processes will result in the most effective model for managing your application estate, but it’s worth aligning the approach to both empower end-user access and productivity, while reducing IT overhead to manage risk to business.


Learn more about the technologies involved:

What are the benefits?

Application focused solutions and technologies, such as App Proxy and MAM via Intune, can deliver enterprise grade application services, features and information – within a controlled and restricted manner. 


This reduces the need for remote users to utilise broader services like VPNs, which can grant (at times) unnecessary access to the entire internal network.

Why PowerON?

Internal and third-party platforms and operating systems are constantly being updated, enhanced and modernised.


PowerON have developed a wealth of skills, services and solutions to support this changing baseline, and perhaps more importantly the core services running in tandem to them; security controls, user settings, policies and the applications that run across them all.


This collective understanding and skill set positions the PowerON team to deliver the most effective application management approach, aligned to your entire end-user compute strategy.

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