AOVPN DPC: Version 3.0 is Now Available

AOVPN Dynamic Profile Configurator Version 3.0 is Now Live 

DPC has been in public now for over a year and what an amazing year it’s been! 

After talking to customers it’s been great to see that our original vision of creating an easy to use, on-premises AoVPN management tool has been validated.

We’ve also had a great opportunity to speak to people across the globe who are using AoVPN in ways we had never imagined.   

What’s Changed?

Since the public announcement we’ve introduced the following functionality:

  • SSTP / VPN Strategy Support 
  • Added Protocol Priority Support 
  • Added Route Metric Support 
  • Added Interface Metric Support 
  • Added Network Outage Time Support 
  • Added Disable Credential Caching Support 
  • Added Register DNS in User Tunnel Support 
  • Added the Ability to allow potential customers to trial the solution 
  • Made significant code, stability and resilience improvements 

Based on these new insights we’ve been developing a new major version which we are numbering Version 3.0.  This is both due to the significant number of improvements, as well as due to the significant changes we’ve made to the core profile management engine.

While we have every confidence in the product we strongly advise that V3 is piloted to avoid unexpected behaviour impacting significant numbers of users. 

So What’s in V3.0? 
  • Improved reliability of core profile deployment 
  • Implemented Traffic Filters for both User and Device Tunnels 
  • Crytobinding is now configured by default 
  • Exported XML Profiles are now automatically formatted and indented 
  • Profile Names are now validated by Windows rather than DPC directly, allowing for a much wider range of characters 
  • User Tunnel can now be configured not to be always on 
  • Option to show Device Tunnel in the connections list 
  • Support for TLS 1.3 access (Where OS and Server Supports it) 
  • Added the ability to deploy a backup / second User Tunnel (not always on) 
  • URLs can be dynamically converted to IP addresses in the route list 
  • Added Smart Card Support 
Where’s Windows 11 Support? 

Coming! We’ve been working closely with the Microsoft Support Team and Windows Product Group to isolate and fix the bugs stopping DPC from working on Windows 11. 

The initial issue has been identified and fixed by Microsoft (pending release) however there are additional issues which we are still working through. Once these issues have been resolved and patches released to the public we will announce support and minimum Windows 11 patch levels.  

Interested in DPC? 

If you’d like to hear more about how DPC can help your business or to get a free trial of the product please reach out to your PowerON Account Manager or request a call below!

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