AOVPN DPC 4.0 Q&A: Richard Hicks and Leo D’Arcy

With the release of DPC V4 coming in the next few weeks, we’re excited to reveal some of the new (heavily requested!) features and capabilities we’ve added to the solution.

To explain the latest changes (and some surprise additions) Enterprise Mobility Expert and Microsoft MVP Richard Hicks joined our Head of Identity and Access Leo D’Arcy on this webinar. 

They answered questions around AOVPN, demo some new features of DPC and talk through the latest updates.

Leo and Richard will covered:

  • What’s new in V4?
  • Demo of DPC on Windows 11
  • Demo using DPC with Intune
  • Known issues and limitations with AOVPN in Windows 11
  • Sneak peek at our new AOVPN reporting solution!
  • Open Q&A

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Richard Hicks

Richard Hicks

Microsoft MVP Richard Hicks is the founder and principal consultant at Richard M. Hicks Consulting, Inc.

He is a widely recognised enterprise mobility expert with over 25 years' of experience implementing secure remote access and public key infrastructure (PKI) solutions worldwide. He is the author of Implementing Always On VPN by Apress Media.

Leo D'Arcy

Leo D'Arcy

Leo D'Arcy is Head of Identity and Access at PowerON, and the creator of AOVPN Dynamic Profile Configurator (DPC).

Leo has over 10 years' experience working in IT and has been with PowerON since 2017. He's experienced in deploying AOVPN, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Azure Infrastructure for a range of clients.

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