AoVPN DPC – Brilliant, Engaged and Connected 

Find out how AoVPN Dynamic Profile Configurator helped Singleton Council complete their platform upgrade on schedule. 

Singleton Council is a local government administration in Australia providing essential infrastructure and vital services to a community of over 23,000 residents.

What problems were they facing? 

Singleton Council are currently working with a platform that requires the ability to support staff to work remotely, with a safelist of IP addresses that can access the network. Previously DirectAccess could achieve this but wasn’t able to provide routing for whitelisted IPs, which pushed the need for Microsoft’s Always On VPN. 

“…We were going live with a platform upgrade in October come hell or high water, so we needed to have AoVPN in place. We wouldn’t have been successful getting AoVPN in place on time without PowerON.”

DirectAccess had been a great solution in the past – as long as the computer was enrolled in a security group, everything ran smoothly – and that’s the experience that they wanted to replicate with Microsoft’s AOVPN. After looking at implementing various PowerShell scripts and processes to make that happen, they were delighted to find a third-party solution that could cut all of that out and streamline everything without needing an MDM solution for their PC clients 

How did DPC help? 

“…it really is just like magic… you put the settings in the group policy, you put the client on the computer. And it just works. Not once have I had a software-based issue with the product, and we’ve installed it in nearly 150 machines.”  

“What made it a success for us was how simple and easy DPC was to deploy. Within half an hour, I had downloaded the package, applied the templates and installed the client on my computer. It took me two or three goes to get config correct and everything working within our environment.”  

“And then from that, it was just a case of deploying the software out to our clients. So, what made it a success for us, was how streamlined and simple it was for the agent to be configured and deployed.”  

“DPC easily saved us weeks of time – what would have been weeks of manual deployments turned into an hour of work.” Jake Cherrie – IT Technical Support Officer 

How was working with PowerON? 

“The installation of the product was so streamlined and simple. We would have been following a manual and painful process without it, so having an automated solution that we can push out was just magic.” 

“I would say the involvement our teams had was quite minimal, as we could deploy the solution quickly and easily, communication has been fast. The team has always been quick to reply to emails, taking into consideration the time zone difference. I could also email the developer (Leo D’Arcy) directly, and he has always been as helpful as possible.”  

“If there was something to be improved, it would be more about the PowerON support portal onboarding process – I didn’t know you had an entire support portal to begin with, so more communication around that would’ve been helpful.” Jake Cherrie – IT Technical Support Officer 

How would you describe your experience in three words? 

Brilliant, engaged and connected. 

What is AOVPN DPC? 

Dynamic Profile Configurator (DPC) service is a Windows service which runs on each client device. It receives configuration via group policy (or other tools which support registry configuration) and generates the profile automatically on the device. This enables easy administrative management, dynamic Active Directory based group management, automatic updating to Office 365 routes and more. 

AOVPN DPC is designed to provide the following benefits: 

  • Consistent profiles 
  • Always up to date 
  • Profiles Updated on Disconnect (ensuring minimal user interruption) 
  • Office 365 Exclusions are updated automatically and without admin interaction 
  • Graphical Management Experience 
  • No XML creation required 
  • Manage through Intune or Group Policy 
  • Full help documentation of options 
  • Supports all common configuration options (Including Custom Cryptography) 
  • Easy deployment 
  • Simple EXE or MSI deployment 
  • No scripting required for deployment 
  • Profile changes are handled automatically without redeployment of client 
Matthew Tomlinson

Matthew Tomlinson

Sales Support Coordinator

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